10 Thoughtful Gifts for Embroiderers

Embroidery is such a fantastic art, and an embroiderer is the finest artist without any doubt. 

If you are wondering which one would be the best gift for embroiderers, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I’m going to list some helpful, funny yet useful gift ideas for an embroiderer. Indeed, they vary in price to help you find out the best option depending on your budget. 

Let’s dive in.

10 Useful and Thoughtful Gifts for Embroiderers

1. Sewing Machine’s Embroidery Guide

This is indeed a bible for the machine embroiderers where it’s pretty easy to get the most use of the embroidery function of your sewing machine. 

Any embroiderers would love to have this as a gift because of its usefulness; hence I believe this can be your best gift idea for embroiderers. Moreover, it’s among the inexpensive options. 

In this book, your beloved embroiderers will find some beautiful designs with their types and formats. But, more importantly, it helps by providing a practical guideline to discover the built-in embroidery functions that are underused most of the time and many more. 

Altogether, this step-by-step guide is undoubtedly a helpful gift for an embroiderer without any doubt. 

2. Embroidery Kit for Both Adult and Beginners

As of this writing, this particular kit is one of the most popular items amongst the embroiderer. 

To me, this one is one of the most thoughtful gifts for embroiderers, without any doubt, as it contains several valuable items and costs less. 

This kit contains everything an embroiderer would expect, including – 

  • Embroidery hoops.
  • Color embroidery threads. 
  • Aida cloths.
  • Sewing pins. 
  • Needles. 
  • Water soluble pens. 
  • Floss bobbins, etc. 

Also, some practical tools like – 

  • Measuring tape. 
  • Scissor. 
  • Thimble.
  • Untwist tool.
  • Pincushion. Line wax.
  • Pen holder.
  • Packing bag.
  • Instruction, etc. 

What else do you need to bring a smile to your beloved embroiderer’s face?

3. Embroidery Floss

If you don’t want to spend on the whole kit, you can gift this embroidery floss that is super inexpensive yet exceptionally effective. This item is from the same Similane brand as the previous kits I’ve listed above. Similane is one of the most popular brands in this industry. So, there is no quality issue, in my opinion.

This purchase includes a total of 50 bright color floss made of high-quality materials that are flexible and durable. On top of that, you will get 12 pieces of floss bobbin and one piece of cross stitch needle threading tool.

So, if you are looking for a budget gift for an embroiderer, this floss set is the best bet, in my opinion.

4. Wall Decor Gift for Embroiderer

This one is a funny gift for an embroiderer, and it’s a wall decor with a funny quote (sewciopath) and a simple yet eye-pleasing design. 

It measures 6″ x16,” and it offers four holes for hanging. The metal sign is made of sturdy and quality 24-grade steel in the USA. So, I’m sure you won’t find any quality issues with this wall decor. 

The price of this decor is quite reasonable too. I think your favorite embroiderer will love to hang this on the wall.

5. Embroidery Scissors

An embroiderer must need small, lightweight scissors for carrying in the bag. This particular embroidery scissor is precisely what I’m talking about. It measures about 3.6″ x 1.8″.

You can choose from various colors to send it to your favorite embroiderer as a lovely gift. With that said, I believe this gold color scissor is the best amongst others. 

This one is quite sharp and durable. It’s a multipurpose scissor that can be used as a thread scissor, thin fabric scissor, snip trimming scissor, and also as a crafting scissor. 

The price is surprisingly low considering the quality and performance of this item. 

6. Multifunctional Embroidery Storage Bag

Another excellent gift idea for embroiderers is offering different colors suitable for both men and women. It’s an embroidery kit storage bag for keeping floss, hook, and other accessories related to sewing. 

It’s a medium-sized (measuring 15.25″×12.5″×3″) bag. This bag is perfect for embroiderers to carry along because of its size and a carrying handle on top. 

It boasts several small pockets and big compartments for needlework items, a floss organizer, and everything related to embroidery. 

The build quality of this bag is impressive, including the zipper. 

7. Funny Quote Mug

A coffee mug with customized text targeting an embroiderer could make them feel unique. That’s why I believe this one is a perfect embroiderers gift item that you can get at an affordable price. 

It can hold up to around 11 oz to 15 oz of tea/coffee, doesn’t weigh too much, is made of high-quality ceramic material, offers wonder text color, making it aesthetically appealing, and has text printed on both sides. 

8. Insulated Coffee Tumbler / Travel Mug

This is another customized coffee tumbler made for embroiderers. The funny text “Education is important, but embroidering is importanter” should make anyone laugh without any doubt. 

Moreover, the mug quality is quite good. It has the text printed on both sides, too, like the previous mug I’ve listed here. This particular mug can keep hot and cold liquid hot and cold for a substantially extended period. 

Remember, this mug is not dishwasher safe. Hence, hand washing is recommended. Don’t forget to let this know to your favorite embroiderer.

The price? Well, it’s quite competitive. 

9. Machine Thread with Storage Box

This time I’m offering some machine threads with a handy and portable storage box. The purchase comes with 40 spools of brother color machine thread inside a transparent storage box.

The threads are of good quality (polyester machine thread) and hold up the color for a long; the storage box has two layers to organize 40 spools in total. 

The purchase also includes some other necessary items like a marking pen, thread net, color chart, yarn snips, etc. 

Meaning this storage is as easy as pie as well. So, I believe this reasonably priced gift will surely make your beloved embroiderer happy. 

10. Sewing and Embroidery Machine

I know this one is an expensive gift option but what else could be any better than an embroidery machine, particularly if your favorite embroiderer is searching for a new machine?

This machine was manufactured by “Brother,” a popular machine manufacturing brand without any doubt. 

It comes with six embroidery lettering fonts and 80 built-in designs for customizing projects. In addition, this machine boasts all the latest technologies to make the embroiderer’s life easy, like an automatic needle threader, color touchscreen, and many other facilities for both sewing and embroidering. 

It offers a competitive price. So, if you have a budget to surprise your favorite embroiderer, this impressive machine could be ideal.

Before I Let You Go!

I’ve tried to list some helpful embroiderer gift ideas and also some funny and exceptional gifts for the embroiderer. I’m sure you will be able to find the best bet from this list. 

Not to mention, I’ve considered gifts of different price ranges so that you can decide based on your budget. 

Out of all those above gift items, the wall decor is my favorite, and then the insulated coffee tumbler. 

Do you agree with me? Comment below your favorite one.

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