Hi, This is F.Hassan, the husband of a lovely lady T.Farhan, and the father of my beautiful daughter N.A.Hassan, and of course, the founder of this website giftsmonster.com.

I believe sending a gift to anyone is a nice gesture. The world is not about spending money only on your own. Once you gift a thoughtful item to someone makes him/her happy and brings a smile to their face. But I think choosing the right gift for a certain group of people is difficult if you don’t have the right guide in front of you.

Sometimes you run short of ideas; sometimes, the situation gets overwhelming.

Therefore, I’ve decided to help you guys by providing a fantastic gift ideas guideline to decide on one perfect gift for your beloved person. I aim to add gift ideas for as many types of people as possible. Just type your favorite person’s type (e.g., cardiologist, sonographer, writer, traveler, etc.) on the search bar or navigate through the menu to get your desired result.

I will keep updating the site by adding new pages and also updating the existing pages. So you better bookmark my site for future reference.

I will love to see you guys sharing my site with your near and dear ones to help them choose the perfect gifts too.