10 Cool Gift Ideas for an Anesthesiologist

Sending a gift to your favorite anesthesiologist is always a good idea. It’s because they go through some serious mental pressure because of the nature of their job, and a gift from someone will certainly make them feel special. 

With that said, finding the best gifts for an anesthesiologist can be overwhelming. If you are short of gift ideas for anesthesiologists, you’ve come to the right place.

In this write-up, I’m going to list some cool gift ideas for anesthesiologists that you can buy without hurting your pocket. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get to the business. Shall we?

10 Best Gift Ideas for Anesthesiologists

1. Bracelet for Anesthesiologist

Well, sending a bracelet as a gift to an anesthesiologist might seem a bit confusing in terms of whether he/she will like it. However, since this bracelet is engraved with custom text targeting an anesthesiologist (100K at me becoming an awesome anesthesiologist & shit), it is surely an ideal gift for anesthesiologists.

This one is a handcrafted bracelet which is another reason I consider it one of the wonderful gift ideas for the anesthesiologist. It comes in an elegant bag that makes it gift-ready right from the word go. 

Although the length is about 20.5 cm, it’s adjustable. Hence, anyone can adjust the size with ease.

2. Popsocket with Funny Text

Anyone would love to use a pop socket, particularly if the anesthesiologist is a female. On top of that, this very popsocket has quite a funny text written on it targeting the anesthesiologist. So, no doubt, this is going to be one of the funniest gift ideas for an anesthesiologist without breaking the bank.

It boasts an expandable stand to let the user watch videos, use facetime, take group photos, etc. 

3. Pocket Notebook

I believe this one is the most effective and useful gift idea for an anesthesiologist. It’s a pocket anesthesia notebook that contains some helpful and evidence-based information related to anesthesiology. 

It’s the fourth edition of the book, which includes a new appendix on COVID-19. Altogether, this notebook is filled with many diagrams, tables, and ways to make things understandable effortlessly. 

Don’t worry! This book is written by a practicing anesthesiologist at Harvard Medical School. So, there is no chance of getting scammed by reading this book. 

4. Book Related to Anesthesia

This is another anesthesia-related book titled “50 studies every anesthesiologist should know”. Suppose you are planning to send a useful gift to a new anesthesiologist. In that case, this book could be the ultimate choice. 

This particular book covers different segments of anesthesiology, like cardiothoracic anesthesiology, general anesthesiology, critical care, pain medicine, etc. 

However, if you are going to gift a pretty experienced anesthesiologist like someone having about 9-10 years of experience, he/she might not find any new topic for their liking. 

5. Makeup Zipper Pouch Bag

Any female anesthesiologist would like to have this pouch bag as a gift. It’s quite a handy-dandy solution to organize an anesthesiologist’s small belongings when on the move. 

The wonderful graphics and text are directly targeted to an anesthesiologist. That means this is not like another ordinary piece of zipper pouch bag. 

Regarding quality, it’s made of high-quality cotton, and undoubtedly, its wear resistance is worth mentioning. 

Regardless of the occasion, you can gift this pouch bag to your favorite anesthesiologist. It comes with a nice frosting bag ready to send as a gift. 

So, what is holding you back from sending this zipper bag as a gift and spending a little money?

6. A Keychain Customized for Anesthesiologists 

I believe the keychain is one of the most used items among all the other items I’ve listed here. What else do you want if you get the chance to send this inexpensive yet eye-catchy gift to your favorite anesthesiologist?

This keychain has custom-written text on it targeted to anesthesiologists – “God made anesthesiologists so Surgeons can have heroes too.”

It consists of a hanging scepter and an injection cylinder to make it even more appealing for an anesthesiologist. 

This keychain undoubtedly comes in a velvet bag, making it ready to gift without worrying about purchasing another gift bag separately. 

The build quality is pretty good, as it’s made of stainless steel. It’s rust-free and doesn’t change color over time. 

7. T-Shirt with Funny Text

This is another unisex gift idea for anesthesiologists. A T-shirt is quite a popular gift item that fits everyone’s budget as well. This t-shirt has the funny text written: “I put the pro in propofol.”

It’s available for men, women, and youth in four different colors (black, navy blue, white, and dark heather).

The text on the shirt is pretty long-lasting. It won’t fade out even after months of use. 

I am sure you will be able to bring a smile to your favorite anesthesiologist’s face with this cute and funny t-shirt. It doesn’t break your bank, either. 

8. Ceramic Coffee/Tea Mug

A ceramic coffee/tea mug is another useful gift idea if it has something customized for the one you want to send the gift to. 

This particular mug offers exactly what I am talking about. It hase custom text printed on both sides targeting the anesthesiologists. The text is printed with high-quality permanent ink, making it microwave and dishwasher-safe.

It contains about 11oz of drinks, is fully safe for health, and is UV protected. 

This mug comes inside a durable white box which is quite ok to send as a gift immediately. 

9. Coloring Book / Activity Book

A coloring book is not only meant to be made for kids. It’s equally a good time passing activity books for adults. Surprisingly, you can buy a coloring book targeted at an anesthesiologist these days. 

This book is so much helpful for stress relieving. The size of the book is quite convenient to fit into the backpack or purse. 

It contains different shapes like mandalas, flowers, different flowers, anesthesia-related patterns, etc. 

Moreover, a coloring book costs next to nothing. So, this is certainly a wonderful gift idea for an anesthesiologist.

10. Travel Tumbler Mug

Another cool and useful present for an anesthesiologist. A travel tumbler mug with a funny saying – “I can’t fix stupid, but I can sedate it”- is written on it.

As of this writing, this is one of the most popular items on the net for sending as a gift to the anesthesiologist. 

It can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 8 hours which I believe is quite substantial for a traveler. It can hold up to 20 oz of liquid, is easy to sip, and fits in most drink holders. 

Overall, this travel tumbler mug is a wonderful gift regardless of gender. 

Final Words

Here, I’ve listed some of the inexpensive yet wonderful gift ideas for anesthesiologists. Some are only for a female, like Makeup Zipper Pouch Bag, but almost every other item is for both males and females. 

I’m sure you will be able to choose the best bet for your favorite anesthesiologist and bring a smile to their face by sending a wonderful gift from the above list.

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